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Where, when, and how to submit a visa application?

General information

If the Republic of Slovenia is the only or main destination, the application must be submitted at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia.

Short-stay visa (C Type) applicants must submit an application at the diplomatic mission of the Schengen country that is their only or main destination. When visiting several Schengen countries, the main destination is the country in which the stay will be the longest. If the duration of one’s stay in several Schengen countries is equal, the main destination is deemed to be the country most connected to the main purpose of the trip (for example, conference participation, participation in a fair, a business meeting, etc.). If it is impossible to establish the main destination based on these criteria, the application has to be submitted with a diplomatic mission of the Schengen country that will be entered first.

Applicants must submit an application in the country where they are either citizens or holders of a residence permit


List of supporting documents to be submitted by applicants for short stay visas in Albania

I. General requirements for all applicants

1. Albanian residence permit, valid for at least 3 months from the date of intended departure from the territory of the Member States.

2. Proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the intended journey:

Bank statement (covering the last three months) including bank account movements and final balance. This does not apply to pupils.

- Employees: employment contract or certificate of employment.
- Company owners: copy of company registration in the National Business Register, bank statement(s) for the company including bank account movements covering the last 3 months and balance sheet from the previous financial year.
- Students: proof of financial solvency of parents, or proof of sufficient funds for entire stay.
- Retired people: pension payment for the last three months.
- People who cannot prove financial means of subsistence of their own: proof of sponsorship signed by the host in the Member State of destination, covering the expenses of the stay.

3. Proof of travel arrangements: a reservation for a return air, train or bus ticket or registration details of a vehicle.

4. Proof of accommodation or proof of sufficient financial means to cover accommodation expenses.

5. Minors:
- If traveling alone: notarised consent from holders of the parental authority (both parents) or of the legal guardian.
- If traveling with one parent or legal guardian, only: notarised consent of the other holder of parental authority.
- If the parent with whom the minor is to travel holds parental authority alone: document that proves he or she is the only parental authority, e.g. birth certificate of the minor (indicating one parent), death certificate, divorce or custody agreement.

II. Documents to be submitted depending on purpose of travel


1. Tourism

  1. Certificate or original voucher from a travel agency or tour operator, confirming the booking of an organised tour.

  2. If a student, a statement from the faculty
    (i) confirming a tuition break during the intended travel period or,
    (ii) approving the student's absence.If a pupil, a statement from the school

  3. If a pupil, a statement from the school
    (i) confirming school holidays during the intended travel period or,
    (ii) approving the pupil's absence.

2. Business

  1. Proof of accommodation, if not covered by the inviting party.

  2. Written invitation from the inviting party containing the following information:
    - the name and address of the inviting party;
    - the name and position of the person signing the invitation;
    - the registration number of the inviting party;
    - detailed information on the purpose of the visit.

  3. Written proof that the inviting party will cover all expenses or that the sending company will cover all expenses.

3. Private visit

  1. Proof of sponsorship, an accommodation commitment from the host and/or private accommodation by means of an official national form (required by some Member States).

  2. Invitation letter, if relevant, containing the following information:
    - the length of the stay;
    - details on the relation between the inviting person and the applicant;
    - the inviting person's ID number and personal identification code of the relevant Member State concerned (if applicable);
    - date and signature.

4. Travelling for the purpose of medical treatment

  1. Official document from the receiving medical institution confirming the cost of the treatment, duration of the treatment, confirming that it can perform the specific medical treatment and that the patient will be accepted.

  2. Proof of sufficient financial means to pay for the medical treatment and related expenses for the stay (including accommodation, if relevant) or proof of prepayment for the treatment; or

  3. Formal commitment letter signed by the party covering the expenses of the treatment.

  4. Certificate from an Albanian medical institution confirming the need for the person to be accompanied, if relevant.