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"Fairy tale at Velika Planina" cabins among the ten best cabins for a winter break in Europe

The Guardian, one of the most influential newspapers, has published a list of ten of Europe's best cosy cabins for winter. The luxurious "Fairy tale at Velika Planina" cabins are mentioned first on the list.

In picking the most scenic winter hideaway, the newspaper noted history and tradition, and labelled the locations as places with a perfect snow cover, where you can admire the twinkling stars, which are even more pronounced in winter, in a Finnish sauna or snuggling in a blanket.

"With their cone-shaped, wood-tiled roofs ... these pretty cabins are scattered across a high plain," is how The Guardian described the huts that are part of one of Europe's largest and most well-preserved herder settlements. The herder settlement comprises around 140 huts and is noted for its typical architecture, which is a symbol of the Velika Planina plateau.

Despite their traditional appearance, most of the tourist huts are very well equipped. In addition to fireplaces, wireless internet and underfloor heating, some of them also have a sauna. One of the most beautiful things that a holiday on Velika Planina offers is the fabulous view that stretches over the Kamnik-Savinjske Alps and Gorenjska.

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