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Minister Vrtovec: "Nothing can stop the construction of the third development axis"

The Minister of Infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec planted the first shovel in the ground for the third development axis in Gaberke in the company of the President of the Management Board of the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS), Valentin Hajdinjak, the President of the Committee for the Construction of the Third Development Axis, Matic Tasič, and a representative of the contractor.

"This is a big and important day for the Koroška region, the Šaleška Valley and the entire Slovenia. We are finally embarking on the construction of the third development axis that we have been waiting for so long and that we really need. The third development axis will improve connectivity, accessibility, competitiveness, strengthen the attractiveness of jobs and significantly contribute to the overall further development of the regions as well as Slovenia as a whole. Nothing can stop the construction of the third development axis," he added.

Minister Vrtovec recalled that the new road is important not only for connecting strong regional economic centres, but also on an international scale, as it will not end in Slovenia but will continue towards Austria. "I would also like to see the first shovel planted in the ground on the southern branch of the third development axis next year to connect the region of Bela krajina with central Slovenia. Good primary infrastructure will provide the inhabitants of these regions with much better conditions for a better quality of life," added Minister Vrtovec.