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Prime Minister Janez Janša expecting an ambitious EU approach to restart the economy

Prime Minister Janez Janša assessed the Franco-German proposal on the establishment of a 500 billion euro recovery fund to restart the EU economy following the COVID-19 pandemic as "a good step forward". The fund would be financed by EU borrowing on the markets and would be used to fund the sectors and regions of the EU that were most affected by the pandemic.

"500 billion euro is a significant number in macroeconomic terms, but a more ambitious approach would be welcome to solve a symmetric crisis of such proportions," commented Janša, adding that what is needed at the moment is an "arrangement on the multiannual financial framework of the European Union and the recovery fund in one package".

Today, the Prime Minister also discussed the aforementioned fund for restarting the EU economy after the coronavirus pandemic and the multiannual financial framework with his Italian counterpart Giuseppe Conte. They agreed that an ambitious proposal by the European Commission is needed to tackle the crisis and help businesses and families. "This is vitally important for the full recovery of the EU and the common market," tweeted the Slovenian Prime Minister.

To recap: On Monday, Germany and France proposed a 500 billion euro recovery fund to restart the EU economy, which is facing a major economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. The countries receiving support from the fund would be provided with grants rather than loans.