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What are Slovenians like?

Slovenians are a special nation. The Slovenian population alone is remarkable – there are just two million of us living in Slovenia and less than half a million in other parts of the world.

We could have chosen to live in the suburbs of one of the metropoles, but instead, we found our place under the sun at the junction of different worlds – the Alpine, the Pannonian and the Mediterranean – making us unique.

Slovenians can be reserved like Alpine people, open like Mediterraneans or good-hearted like Pannonians. Since there are not that many of us, we often joke that in Slovenia everyone knows each other. We also love sports, hiking in the mountains, cultural events and singing. We put our free time and quality of life first. We speak many foreign languages, swear by all things green, and have been shaped by different circumstances – from our geographical position, to our varied historical and cultural contexts. We believe that all its natural beauty make Slovenia the most beautiful place in the world. 

We love discovering the world and trying new things, which means we travel a lot and are not afraid of innovation. At the same time, we highly value our home along with our families, health and quality of life. We are also sports enthusiasts, be it climbing, skiing, ski jumping, athletics or team sports. Slovenia is one of the smallest nations in the world that has qualified for all the major world and European championships in team sports, along with basketball, volleyball, handball, football and ice hockey at the Olympics. It’s just who we are!

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